Plant Annunciator System (PAS) Replacement in Kori, South Korea

Doosan HFC in in the process of finishing the Plant Annunciator System (PAS) for Units 3&4 at Kori, South Korea. These are each 1,000 megawatt nuclear power units. Doosan HFC is using 38 of its FPC-08 controllers to evaluate and control more than 5,000 points. 

At the same time Doosan HFC upgraded an old PAS system, Doosan HFC included a Sequence of Event (SOE) system which tracks every input as it changes. The SOE system can detect a change down to 125 microseconds. After figuring in potential de-bounce of input contacts, the system looks at a 1mS resolution. As per customer input, to eliminate possible false inputs due to noise on field wires, the system will reject any input signal less than 4.5mS in duration.