HFC Was Awarded PAS Replacement Project in Hanul Unit 5&6

Doosan HFC was officially awarded Plant Annunciator System (PAS) Replacement in Hanul Unit 5&6, South Korea on February 25, 2021. Each identical Unit consists of a Division A and B cabinet assemblies, and six single bay MUX cabinets. Three MUX cabinets that are common to both units, and the Radwaste cabinet which is independent of both units. Each unit is configured with the identical redundant architecture having two identical controller & I/O racks in order to operate and maintain any critical control functions.
Hanul Unit 5&6 are South Korean designed two-loop 1000 MWe PWR Generation II nuclear reactors, developed by KHNP and KEPCO. Doosan HFC is using its proven FPC-08 controllers to evaluate and control more than 5,000 I/O points. The delivered PAS will include a Sequence of Event (SOE) system which tracks every input as it changes. This replacement will enhance the Hanul Unit 5&6 plant availability, reliability as well as its monitoring and diagnostic capability with HFC’s modern and robust digital control systems.