All-in-One Flame Scanner - Powerful, Scalable Distributed Control System

AIO Flame Scanner

The new Doosan HFC All-In-One Compact Flame Scanner was meticulously designed for continuous, intermittent, and 72-hour operation. The flame scanner's durable housing integrates both the scanner and amplifier into one subcompact assembly, which reduces overall cost and simplifies installation tremendously.

Additional costs normally required for mounting the control electronics in a separate service cabinet or housing unit are no longer applicable.

The AIO Flame Scanner has been engineered to monitor a variety of flames in single burner applications ranging from small heating plants to process combustion systems. A self diagnostic program initiates immediately after start-up and will be continuous throughout the operation cycle to provide the highest level of safety and error free reliability. Integrated status lights are provided for easier fault diagnosis and troubleshooting for maintenance staff.

Each flame's radiation intensity is converted by an advanced, highly sensitive semiconductor photoelement, which transforms the flame intensity into an analog signal which can then be connected to a subsequent analog I/O module within a DCS or wired directly to flame intensity meters locally.

Only signals produced by flame flickering are processed by the advanced dual microprocessor system, assuring that the flame monitoring is not influenced by ambient light. The flame discrimination threshold of the AIO can be manually configured in the field through a pushbutton switch which provides 10 levels of threshold detection. Response time for flame detection failure can be set to either 1, 3, or 5 seconds.

The D-LX 100 Compact Flame Scanner was designed for years of trouble-free service and operating efficiency. The housing is composed of a rugged NEMA 4x (IP 67) metal case for outstanding durability. The standard front panel cover is metal, with transparent plastic also available as an option.

Several D-LX 100 flame scanner models, each with different spectral ranges are available for all burner types, fuels, and firings.


AIO Flame Scanner
  • Main industrial application is on industrial single burners with continuous or intermittent operation.
  • Other industrial applications include chemical industries, refineries, and cement plants.
  • New semiconductor technology with highest sensitivity replaces UV tube for UV flame detectionbetween the I/O Modules and the controller.
  • Compact design, flame scanner and amplifier built as one unit; therefore, no space is needed inside a cabinet.
  • Self-checking and failsafe according to UL 372, FM 7610 as well as EN 230 and EN 298.
  • Analog output for flame intensity 0/4-20mA.
  • Relay output contact for direct control of the fuel valve and for status display.