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AFS-1000 Critical Control System

Typically used for applications requiring a high degree of system integrity and dedicated control, the AFS-1000 Critical Control System is versatile and maintenance oriented. Control cards are arranged with their respective input/output cards, and all cards are accessible and replaceable with the system online. Convenient front-mounted indicators on all cards keep operations and maintenance personnel informed of the system's status.

Technology utilized on single board control cards and coupled with advanced design techniques assures you of the latest in overall system-engineered products.

Innovative design allows the AFS-1000 Critical Control System to be configured to meet your special requirements. Applications from the simplest to the most complex are accomplished with ease. A complete library of general and special purpose Input/Output cards is available to interface with the complete scope of your plant equipment and field sensing devices.

The interface between the operator and the process being controlled can be furnished through interactive workstations or through control panel devices. To meet a construction or refurbishment schedule, field wiring termination bays can be separated to allow advance field wiring of the system.

Overall plant operation is achieved through the ability to provide comprehensive equipment interlocking. Further, the system can be configured for both fail-in-place and fail-safe control philosophies. Complete information through the use of functional displays, optional operator interface devices, and effective organizations of the control board enhances operator understanding and reduces operator error.

The use of proven circuitry based on extensive applications experience and thorough component quality assurance programs provides superior hardware integrity. Complete factory testing of the system's components and simulation testing of the staged system maximizes the overall reliability and safe operation of your plant equipment.

Maintenance Oriented
From basic hardware configuration to application programming, the AFS-1000 Critical Control System provides you with user-friendly package. Control cards are arranged with their respective Input/Output (I/O) cards, and all cards are accessible and replaceable with the system on-line. Convenient front mounted indicators on all cards keep operations and maintenance personnel informed of the system's status.

Service downtime is minimized through the built-in diagnostics. Program changes are accomplished by our simple ONE-STEP configuration routine. ONE-STEP uses graphical icons and pull down menus to simplify configuration. No special test equipment is required to maintain the AFS-1000 at the plant level.

Single Loop Integrity
A distinguishing feature of AFS-1000 is it's single loop integrity. Each loop has its own control card, reassuring uninterrupted service. A specific input and output are tied to a single and unique controller, guaranteeing that critical control loops are monitored and controlled without interaction of other loops, Data integrity is assured because of unique error-checking and communications subroutines.



The Single Board Controller provides single loop integrity for your most critical control loops.
I/O Modules library is comprised of a complete family of digital and analog inputs and outputs.
I/O modules are designed with two goals:to allow remote location and withstand a 70° C environment, and to provide redundant communications between the I/O Modules and the controller.
I/O Modules offer special function capability specifically designed for control of plant equipment such as circuit breakers, motor starters, MOVs and solenoid valves.
I/O Modules provide built in monitoring of coil continuity, motive power, and status feedback.
Engineering Workstation possesses the operating system configuration tools for engineering setup and system modification.
Continuously checked redundant fiber optic communication channels prevent system degradation or data loss