Test and Repair Facilities

HF Controls has extensive test and repair facilities for performing the highest level of integration and hardware dedication testing. Our newly developed mobile test stations enhance the flexibility of the testing process by eliminating heavy cable runs to and from different cabinets. Based on a high-speed wireless network, the mobile test station stores important information downloaded from the control system and consolidates them into a database for records processing and analyzation.

Repair work is accomplished by experienced professionals who are experts in the design and fabrication of printed circuit boards and control systems hardware. Backed with advanced test beds and fully calibrated test and measuring equipment, a one-day turnaround time for repair work has been easily achieved in many critical cases.

Coupled with software verification and validation, you can be rest assured that each piece of the system is designed, manufactured, and tested with the highest quality.

We can be reached at:

HF Controls Corporation
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or you can email us