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HFControls is well qualified to meet your control systems needs. HFC has hundreds of installations in the USA and China, and we possess the leading position in supplying control systems in Korea. We have developed close relationships with key boiler OEMs and industrial plant construction companies around the world. Such coverage is strengthened by our service, support, and training capabilities. We have installations in a wide variety of power plant and industrial plant applications including:

Nuclear Power Plant Safety Monitoring and Protection Control
Water & Wastewater Treatment
Cogeneration/Combined Cycle Plant
Petrochemical Plant
Cement Processing
Coal Handling
Balance of Plant
Steel Production
Boiler control, burner management, data acquisition, turbine control, steam temperature control, feedwater control, total plant control
Combined Cycle Unit Control
Power and Recovery Boilers
Chemical Processing

Additional qualifications include:

Superb Engineering
Our engineer-mentor program is used to develop or enhance professional skills.
Customer Care
It is so important to us, that we call an entire department by this name. An abundance of Field service support, aftermarket parts, as well as telephone or video-conference consultation services are available for complete customer support any time any place.
Nuclear-grade quality program
We have developed an ISO-certified quality program that meets the most rigorous requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B including software verification and validation, full integration testing, and data integrity assurance.

We can be reached at:

HF Controls Corporation
1624 W. Crosby Rd.
Suite 124
Carrollton, TX 75006
866-501-9954 Toll Free
469-568-6500 Main
469-568-6589 Fax

or you can email us