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Company History

HF Controls has over 50 years of heritage in designing and manufacturing control systems, resulting in over 450 installations around the world. HF Controls was formed in August 2000, resulting from the divestiture of the control systems division from a leading boiler and combustion control manufacturer. Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Company (formerly known as Hanjung or Korea Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd), established HF Controls as the manufacturer of the AFS-1000 Critical Control System (formerly manufactured by Forney Corporation) and the ECS-1200 Distributed Control System (formerly manufactured by Forney Corporation).

Since our inception, we have continued to grow as a successful engineering firm as well as a professional family. HF Controls achieved its ISO-registered status in December, 2001 and subsequently fulfilled its requirements as a registered professional engineering firm in the state of Texas in April, 2002.

Our digital control systems have 25 years of operating experience with over 10 years in the nuclear power plant industry. In fact, HF Controls was the first supplier of digital control systems to nuclear power plants. Today, HFC has more experience with nuclear, digital control systems than any other manufacturer, and no one has more installed digital control loops in nuclear power plants than HFC.

HF Controls has been extremely active in hiring new graduates from highly respected engineering institutions such as the University of Texas at Dallas and Texas A&M University. We take pride in our employee development and allow various opportunities for each individual to enhance their leadership, motivational, and professional skills.


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